The OSINT Jobs Podcast

Season 1

Episode 5

Anne-Lynn Dudenhoefer

In this episode, we are talking to Anne-Lynn Dudenhoefer who works as an OSINT and IMINT Analyst at Hensoldt Analytics. Today's topic, working in the field of AI. We'll hear more from Lynn's career story, and also dive deeper into some of the points she mentioned in a previous interview, which you can find on our site.

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Episode 4

Gareth Westwood

In this episode, we are talking to Gareth Westwood who works as a senior manager in the global security intelligence team at a major pharmaceutical company. Today's topic is corporate security. We'll dive deeper into what this industry is all about, what skills you would need to be successful. And of course, we'll follow up on Gareth's interview that was published on our blog. Recently, Gareth has also started collaborating with OSINT Jobs by sourcing OSINT jobs for our job board.

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Episode 3

Jovan Radakovic

In this episode, we're talking to Jovan Radkovic, head of the OSINT department at a private-sector boutique intelligence company, called Brasidas Group. We sat down to explore the world of business intelligence in order to understand what it's all about, what skills you would need to land a similar job and of course, we'll also learn more about Jovan's career, which we already published on our blog as part of a career interview series.

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Episode 2

Skip Schiphorst

In our second episode, we are talking to Skip Schiphorst, who works as an OSINT language instructor at i-intelligence. Skip discusses the importance of language skills in open source intelligence and we'll also also dive deeper into Skip's career, which he already shared in a blog post interview that you can find on our website

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1. Searching the Arabic Web

2. Searching the Chinese Internet (in person)
3. Searching the Chinese Internet (virtual course)
4. Searching the Russian Web (coming soon)

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Episode 1

Tracy Z. Maleeff

In this episode we spoke to Tracy a.k.a. InfoSecSherpa on Twitter. Tracy works as a security researcher at Krebs Stamos Group and we discussed everything there is to know about Information Security (InfoSec), especially from an OSINT point of view and we also learned how Tracy managed to transition from a librarian to an InfoSec expert. Tracy also highlighted some of the challenges she encountered in her career and provided some great advice on how to overcome some of these. If you're considering an open source intelligence career in the information security field, don't miss this episode!

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