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Threat Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence Analyst (General)
Company name:
Emergent Risk International
Job type:
Experience Level:
$2,100 - 4,000 monthly
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Job Description

Emergent Risk International (ERI) is seeking to hire a full-time Threat Monitoring Specialist to be embedded on an annual contract with one of our multinational clients in Singapore. The Threat Monitoring Specialist will preferably have experience working in threat monitoring for a public or private sector entity or have recent educational, military, or law enforcement experience. The successful candidate will work onsite at our client’s office, serving on a six-member 24/7/365 GSOC team. This is not a remote position. Overview: The Threat Monitoring and Analysis team monitors, tracks, analyzes and reports on actual/potential threats on a 24/7/365 basis according to an established Trigger Matrix for events of significance, loosely defined as events that have the potential to, or are impacting corporate assets, operations, or personnel. Position Description: This role requires an individual with a passion for security and intelligence and a desire to learn and grow with a new threat monitoring and analysis team. Some experience in threat monitoring, operating threat monitoring tools and working in a Security Operations position is preferred.  The individual will have a sense of urgency around monitoring global events and develop a keen awareness of which types of events - geographically and from a business perspective - are of actual importance to the client.  To be successful in this role, you will be able to learn about the aspects of the client’s business that this team is responsible for and some of the unique vulnerabilities associated with it. You will be level-headed, team-oriented and able to work collaboratively within a team. This position will involve working nights, weekends and holidays.


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