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Embedded Consulting - APAC Talent Pool - Speculative Applications

Intelligence Analyst (General)
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Control Risks
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Job Description

Control Risks has been providing outsourced embedded consulting management for over 40 years, with our support allowing clients to operate successfully, utilising a wide range of expertise. Our embedded service allows our consultants to be integrated into the client’s organisation and provide our service from their site. We are a preferred partner because of our ethics, security intelligence, practical know-how and management support provided by our global network of offices. Control Risks has a longstanding presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with established offices in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Delhi, and Mumbai, and operational experience in adjacent countries. We are experiencing growth in our embedded programmes across the region and are seeking to build our database of multi-national risk management professionals to match skills and knowledge with client needs, as they arise. Our embedded consultants cover a wide range of risk, intelligence, and security-related disciplines in areas such as business resilience, crisis management, intelligence analysis, security management, command centres, travel security, geo-political risk analysis, cyber security, and financial crime compliance. If you would like to be part of our talent pool, please submit your CV using the link below.


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