The Best Alternatives to Twitter for OSINT Practitioners [2024]

Are you an OSINT practitioner and looking for an alternative to Twitter? Well, then this blog post is just what you need. We’ll be covering the top alternatives to Twitter for staying connected with the global OSINT community and catching up on the latest industry news – our aim is to help you identify some viable solutions so read on!

Twitter has been a major source for OSINT practitioners for many years - it connects OSINT practitioners with a global community of passionate online sleuths and provides access to real-time information that practitioners have been using to monitor and investigate world events as they happen.

Above all, the OSINT community is at the core of OSINT. It’s not the tools and resources, it’s people connecting and collaborating across the web, which makes OSINT so powerful. As the OSINT community has began migrating away from Twitter to other platforms, we’ve put together some alternatives here:

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And if you know of any alternatives that we haven’t included yet, please do let us know on LinkedIn, Twitter, or via email at!